Starting with October 2, 2006 the Brasov Association of the Blind organizes permanently available computer operator courses for visually impaired people. These courses will be organized on a continuous basis depending on the number of interested persons, being the first permanently available education form for visually impaired adults in our country.

“The start of these continuous courses will open the way towards the social integration for all the visually impaired people interested in personal and professional development, as we offer for the first time in Romania a permanently available form of education for visually impaired adults, the sustainability of which will depend only on the desires and needs of their target population, opposite to the preceding pilot programs which were available only for a limited number of people and for a limited amount of time” stated Mr. Virgil Lazar, President of the Brasov Association of the Blind.

The courses are based on the ECDL Start syllabus, acknowledged in over 140 countries throughout the world, and beside the basic modules (The basics of Information Technology, Windows, Word, Internet and Communication) the visually impaired students having the benefit of a special module to get accustomed with the keyboard and a slightly altered course manual in order to include the concepts needed to use the screen reader and voice synthesizer programs which make the operation of a standard PC accessible to them.

The trainees work on computers equipped with the latest access technologies, helped by specially qualified trainers


The courses have a minimum duration of 40 hours, but the period can be lengthened depending on the participants’ choice. After finishing successfully the course the participants receive a graduation certificate from the Brasov Association of the Blind. Those participants who are also interested to improve their chances on the labor market have the possibility to be tested to obtain the ECDL Start certificate. These tests are organized by the Universal Computer Center from Brasov, in accessible conditions and at preferential tariffs.

These courses represent a first step towards our association’s objective to offer a wide range of personal and professional development courses for the visually impaired adults from the county, a range which will be hopefully soon extended with mobility, English, Braille reading and reflex-therapy courses.