Between September 22 and 24, 2006 the Brasov Association of the Blind organized the regional stages of the annual competitions included in the Romanian Association of the Blind’s calendar. A total of 24 visually impaired competitors from 10 Romanian counties participated to the event which took place at Mariana Pension in Moeciu de Jos.

"The organization of three regional competitions is a first for our branch, especially since one of them is the one designed for visually impaired women, which is at its first Romanian edition. Our branch is proud for the chance to organize this premiere" stated Mr. Virgil Lazar, President of the Brasov Association of the Blind.

The branch president also added to his statement that "the importance of these competitions is not given by the value of the prizes, but by their major contribution to the socialization of the visually impaired people from our country".

The table with the participants to the regional stage of the "Friends of the Braille book" national competition


The first competition from the calendar was the “Friends of the Braille book” national competition, a general knowledge contest which is at its 48th edition, this year its theme being the volume “Enescu Today” by Viorel Cozma. This traditional competition was followed by the 6th edition of the “Fast and correct reading in the Braille system” contest. The regional stages ended with the first edition of the “Your Look Counts” competition for visually impaired women, the first theme for this new contest being “You are so beautiful…”

Most of the competitors spent studying the evening before the competition day

The regional competitions were dominated by the representatives of Cluj branch, winners of the traditional contests, while the new "Your Look Counts" competition was won by the representative of Bihor-Salaj Branch.

The competitors representing the Brasov Association of the Blind produced valuable results, Ms. Vasilica Varvara occupying the 4th place in the "Friends of the Braille book" national competition, while Ms. Laura Suciu won the 3rd prize in the "Your Look Counts" contest, obtaining the right to participate to the national stage which will take place in Bucharest, on October 4.

We wish to express this way our gratitude for all the people and organizations which made possible the successful organization of the regional stages of these competitions, especially to thank our generous sponsors: SANPAOLO IMI Bank Romania SA, Anikó Luxury Furrier’s Shop, Transilvania Restaurant, Aurora SA and Transbus Codreanu SA.