On June 1, 2006 the Brasov Association of the Blind organized a festivity for the 47 visually impaired children registered in the county, to celebrate the International Children's Day.

"This festivity, where both visually impaired and unimpaired children played and enjoyed the event together, without any kind of discrimination, proves that we, the adults, still have much to learn, even from children, about the real integration of visually impaired people in the society" stated Mr. Virgil Lazar, President of the Brasov Association of the Blind.

Volunteers preparing the branch's club for the celebration


Children, parents and volunteers, enjoying the event together

The event took place at the Brasov Blind Club, with the participation of the Association's management and volunteers. The festivity was organized with the support of the eight students forming the Brasov Association of the Blind's volunteer group. They decorated the club and raised funds for the purchase of juice and candies.

The generosity of one of the McDonald's restaurants situated in Brasov allowed to the Brasov Association of the Blind to distribute McDonald's menus and toys to the visually impaired children present at the event.


The festivity was an occasion to contribute to the integration of visually impaired people, as to the event were invited not only visually impaired children, but also unimpaired children which have visually impaired parents. This offered them the opportunity to meet, to play together and to form new friendships.

The volunteer team and President Virgil Lazar with a few beneficiaries