Blind Persons Associations of România, Brasov department participate to the all4well project, a project addressed to the blind and visual impaired persons that work in the wellness sector.

Alternative Language Learning for Wellness is a project for developing a inovative language learning system, a system for blind and visual impaired persons, helping them to easily learn a new foreign language. Also, Together with the system, in the project will be developed an english course addressed to the blind maseurs. The project is developed and implemented together with more organisations from România and abroad. The application was made in Italy, byt the main partner, UICI, Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired Florence.

During the project implementation phase, the role of the Blind Persons Association of România, Brasov Department is:

  1. Quality evaluation of the final product;
  2. Management of the test sessions, internaly and with the external users;
  3. Information disemination to the target group;
  4. Suply of consultancy in the fields of software accessibility, content accessibility, computer manipulation methodology, but also about the specifics of the target group in Romania;

More informations can be found on the project website All4well.