Blind Persons Association of România, Brașov Department participates in an european project developed for the blind and visual impaired persons.

Mobile language learning for visual impaired students is a project in wich a language learning system for blind and visual impaired persons will be developed. The system will mainly work on mobile devices and platforms, but it will work on desktop too. The system is special because it is developed to answer the needs of the blind and visual impaired persons by including a lot of accessibility and usability elements. Together with the application, it will be also developed a german language course, addressed to the beginers.

The project is developed and implemented in a partnership together with more organisations from Romania and abroad.

During the project, the Blind Persons Association of Romania, Brasov Department tasks will be:

  1. Tests the developed application and offers feedback and sugestions for improvements;
  2. Offers informations and consultancy about visual impaired persons generaly, and about the visual impaired persons from Romania especially;
  3. Diseminates the information to the target group and to the public domain;
  4. Assures the link betwen the proget and the target group in Romania;

More informations can be found on the project website MOLLVIS.